How much did you pay for property management this week?

How much did you pay for property management this week?

Compare below with industry standard rates on typical rental rates, our flat fee will put more of your rent in your pocket each and every week.


Weekly Rental Typical Industry Fees (7.5% + GST) Managed Property Flat Fee including GST Weekly Saving Annual Saving
$300 $24.75 $22 $2.75 $143
$350 $28.88 $22 $6.88 $357.50
$400 $33 $22 $11 $572
$450 $37.13 $22 $15.13 $786.50
$500 $41.25 $22 $19.25 $1001
$550 $45.38 $22 $23.38 $1215.50
$600 $49.50 $22 $27.50 $1430
$700 $57.75 $22 $35.75 $1859
$800 $66 $22 $44 $2288


Brisbane CBD Apartment Owners Saving Money on Property Management

Managed Property know the Brisbane CBD apartment market and are constantly amazed at how much owners are paying for property management.

If you are paying more than $22 a week to have someone manage your Brisbane CBD apartment – it might be time to change and put more of your rent back in your pocket.

Council cutting red tape? Would not hold your breath

Optimism about local councils cutting red tape for developers and existing home owners is usually just that – optimism.

We live in hope of a reduction in delivery times and some predictability for our development clients on outcomes within the market.  Making developing, renovating and building your own home easier and more efficient is not a bad thing for the market – increased supply and speed to market could actually be bad for pricing in some areas but also encourage people to improve their property holdings in others.

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Get ready to sell your property!

At Managed Property, we are always amazed at how a little bit of effort before going on the market assists in attracting the right buyer at the right price – quickly.

A few handy tips can be found via – also where you will find all of our current listings.

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Are you looking online for your next property

There are numerous search engines around these days but is still the most comprehensive search database.

All Managed Property listings and open for inspection times are always on

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Capital Gains most since March 2010

Source RP Data

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2 April 2013

RP Data – Rismark Home Value Index Release

Dwelling values across the combined capital cities of Australia recorded a 2.8% rise over the March quarter, taking the cumulative capital gain to 4.7% since the market bottomed out in May last year.

Dwelling values posted a solid rise over the month of March, increasing by 1.3 percent across the combined capital city index. The positive conditions were broad based, with every capital city recording a rise, apart from Adelaide where the market remained steady over the month. Perth has recorded the highest level of growth over the month with dwelling values surging 3.4 per cent. Hobart and Darwin also recorded a large lift in dwelling values, rising 2.5 per cent and 2.4 per cent respectively over the month.

Every capital city apart from Adelaide (-0.5%) has seen dwelling values rise over the past quarter. Over the past 12 months the only capital city not to experience a rise in values was Hobart (-1.2%). Rismark International CEO Ben Skilbeck commented, “The March 2013 result is one of the strongest we’ve seen over the 3 years since March 2010. Not only were there no value falls recorded across the capital cities, but, over the past 3 years, the all dwellings result of +1.32 per cent for the month was second only to the +1.40 per cent increase observed in September 2012. Further, it was the strongest quarterly growth seen since the 3 month period ending May 2010.”

RP Data research director Tim Lawless said, “Since the capital city housing market bottomed out at the end of May last year we have seen dwelling values rise by 4.7 per cent after falling by 7.4 per cent from their market peak back in late 2010. The most significant recoveries have been recorded across Darwin where values have risen 13.9 per cent since bottoming out in January last year, and Perth where values are up 9.4 per cent since the market trough in November 2011.”

“Both these cities are recording rental growth higher than 10 per cent year on year which is providing a significantly higher total return compared with other cities. The RP Data-Rismark Accumulation Index, which factors in the gross yield as well as capital gains, is showing a total year on year gross return in Darwin of 13.9 percent and Perth is recording a total gross return of 10.6 per cent, both significantly higher than the combined capitals average of 6.9 per cent gross,” Mr Lawless said.

Across the broad price segments, it looks as if the middle priced housing sector is continuing to show the healthiest market fundamentals. Based on the RP Data-Rismark Stratified Hedonic Index, dwelling values across the middle sixty per cent of the housing market have increased by 1.6 per cent over the year to February, compared with a 0.9 per cent fall in dwelling values at the most affordable end of the housing market, and a 0.6 per cent fall at the most expensive end of the pricing spectrum.

According to Rismark’s Ben Skilbeck, a review of housing credit aggregates indicates that the investor segment of the housing market is showing greater responsiveness to the low interest rate environment than the owner occupier segment. Credit growth for the 12 months to end February was 3.9 per cent in the owner occupied segment compared to the investor segment at 5.6 per cent.

“With gross capital city unit rental yields now at 4.9 per cent, and a number of short term fixed rate loans also being offered at these levels, it’s not surprising to see investors responding to these conditions more quickly than owner occupiers”.

Apart from the capital gains being recorded across the housing market, other indicators are continuing to suggest the housing market recovery will continue. Mr Lawless points out that both auction market and private treaty indicators are showing strong results. RP Data’s mortgage platforms have also shown a surge in activity.

“Auction clearance rates haven’t been below 55 per cent on any occasion so far this year, and over recent weeks the capital city weighted average clearance rate has been around the 60 percent mark with Melbourne and Sydney nudging the 70 mark. Additionally, vendors selling their homes by private treaty have been discounting their prices by a lesser amount in order to make a sale. The average selling time was consistently shortening prior to the Christmas / New Year slow down.”

“RP Data’s Mortgage Index, which tracks activity across the RP Data mortgage platforms, reached levels not seen since August 2009, suggesting housing finance commitments are likely to show a decent lift when the ABS publishes the data for February and March later this year.”


Pay Nothing until 2014 for Property Management

Have your property managed FREE until 2014

Change to Managed Property before 30 June 2013 and we will manage your house, apartment or townhouse FREE of charge until 2014.

Following this period, our great standard flat fee of only $22 a week will continue to put more of your investment property rent back in your pocket.

Some terms and conditions apply, contact Managed Property today on 07 3267 1777 to change property managers and start saving.

Did you receive your updated land valuation?

You may have noticed your new land valuation coming in the post for Qld property owners.

The new valuation will take effect on 30 June 2013 with the date of valuation being 1 October 2012. 

Considering the state of the market , it may be a good time to review.there has never been a better

A range of online data is available free of charge until 18 June 2013 allowing property owners to better understand their land valuation and the local property market.

Further information can be found using the following link:

Objections must be lodged within 60 days of the date of issue being 20 March 2013. The deadline is Monday 20 May 2013.

New Farm Property Owners Save on Property Management

Managed Property has a mobile Brisbane CBD management service that has been very well received by New Farm Property Owners.

Managed Property manages units, townhouses and houses in New Farm for only $22 per week.

We currently have numerous property owners who are saving thousands of dollars each and every year on their management costs and improving their rental returns for their New Farm investment property.
Call Andrew Peters on 0439 034 055 today to discuss changing to Managed Property and saving money on property management today.