How to lodge your rental bond online with the Qld RTA

As the Queensland Residential Authority (RTA) is now paperless (almost), the ways you have previously lodged a bond may no longer be available to you, or your property manager/landlord.

Please note that Australian Identification is mandatory for online lodgement, and the following information provided by the RTA will detail the process, both online and with off, if required.

The step by step process provided by the RTA is detailed here:

The following details and links are from the Qld RTA’s website:

Before proceeding ensure you have 100 points of Australian or state-issued identification ready, including at least one of the following primary documents:

  • Australian passport
  • Australian state or territory-issued driver’s licence
  • Australian birth certificate

We also recommend having a copy of the tenancy agreement available for reference, as this contains information you will need to successfully complete and submit your form.

There are four simple steps:

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions
  2. Register or log in to your QGov account
  3. Complete the online Bond Lodgement
  4. Pay the bond via credit/debit card or BPAY

To lodge a new bond online you will need to verify your digital ID through the Queensland Government’s secure QGov service. You will be prompted to log into your QGov account, or register an account if you are a new user.

You only need to verify your digital ID once to access a number of online government services through QGov.

If you are using QGov for the first time, please watch QGov’s short ‘how to’ video.

More information is available in the QGov Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are lodging a bond online for the first time, please refer to the:

You can also watch a short video below on How to lodge a bond online.

If you do not have Australian issued ID, you can lodge a rental bond using the RTA’s paper-based Bond lodgement form.

Qld Govt. Residential Rental Reforms – REIQ Update

As a Member Agency of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ), Managed Property are supportive of their efforts to with the Queensland Government’s review of the Residential Tenancies Act. The following is their feedback on the proposed changes, and their call to action:

The State Government’s proposed rental reforms have the potential to destroy Queensland’s rental market and create the most onerous rental laws in the country.

Take action here:

With more than 34 per cent of Queensland households in the rental market, our state has one of the highest proportions of renters in Australia. To destablise this market, would detrimentally impact both property owners and tenants.

The REIQ strongly opposes the proposed reforms which are a slap in the face to every day ‘mum and dad’ property owners who provide the majority of housing to Queensland’s renters.

If enacted, the law change would erode fundamental landlord rights and deter property investment across the state.

The reforms’ ripple effect would see renters struggling to find suitable housing under already tight conditions.

In a further blow to tenants, rents are expected to increase by up to $18 per week.

The most controversial and damaging reform is the proposed abolishment of a landlord’s right to not renew a tenancy agreement at the end of its agreed term.

Other proposed reforms include:

• the loss of a property owner’s right to refuse pets;

• the introduction of a tenant’s right to make modifications to a rental property without the property owner’s consent; and

• the introduction of minimum housing standards requiring the rental property and its inclusions to meet prescribed standards and to be in a certain state of repair.

The REIQ is disappointed that property owners have been totally overlooked in this rental law review, and will be actively campaigning against the damaging reforms via a range of avenues, including social media and other shareable channels.

For success, the campaign will rely on the active support of real estate professionals and the community at large.

Now is the time to stand together, and fight against these damaging and disingenuous reforms, which will negatively impact both landlords and tenants.

It’s time to protect people and property.

How you can help:

1) Visit to download shareable social media tiles, and to send an email to the Premier.

2) Read the Regulatory Impact Statement here.

3) Read and share our latest media release here.

4) Watch and share this video of REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella outlining her concerns about the proposed rental reforms.