Qld Land Values Update

The Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy has just released the Valuer-General’s 2020 Property Market Movement Report. The purpose of the investigation and report is to assess land values, and is how City Council’s and Land Tax charges are calculated.

Here is a link to the whole report on the Queensland Government’s website:


Below is the excerpt relating to residential property in Brisbane:

The residential market is the most significant land use with approximately 305,000 valuations in the suburbs of Brisbane. The residential median land value increased slightly from $455,000 to $460,000. The median values of 115 suburbs did not change. There were minor increases to several inner northern suburbs including Kalinga and Wooloowin. A number of Brisbane’s outer southern suburbs reflected minor to moderate increases due to their affordability and increased competition. The new median value for Durack is $280,000. There were seven suburbs that showed slight to minor decreases. The Moreton Island townships of Bulwar, Cowan Cowan and Kooringal showed minor decreases. The land values of the low to medium density multi-unit residential markets across Brisbane have remained static. The land values of high-density sites, located in the City fringe have seen minor decreases as demand for the larger redevelopment sites has softened due to the existing supply of units. The total land value for rural residential land has increased slightly. The median land value remains at $660,000.

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New Farm Suburb Profile

In the heart of New Farm is New Farm Park

Want to know what is going on at New Farm Park


Check out newfarmpark.com.au

Great information on events, weather and the history of New Farm.

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Managed Property Fortitude Valley Office Coming SOON

Managed Property is proud to announce its new Fortitude Valley office will be opening by 1 July 2014.

Conveniently located at Ballow Street, Fortitude Valley, our new Fortitude Valley office will allow us to service residential property in the following suburbs:

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane CBD, Newstead, New Farm, Bowen Hills, Kangaroo Point, South Brisbane, West End, Ascot, Clayfield, Albion, Hamilton and Teneriffe.

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Window lock legislation commenced

Window Lock Legislation Commenced

A recent string of accidents involving children falling from windows in apartment blocks has led to changes in the National Construction Code.

Under the building code changes, as of 1 May 2013 all new apartment blocks in Australia will be required to have window locks fitted, preventing windows from opening more than 12.5cm. Under s30 of the Building Act 1975 (Qld), all new buildings, in order to be certified, must comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Read more from body corporate body SCA (Qld)’s  media release.

Is your suburb ready for the NBN

Details of suburbs ready for the NBN are now available and you can register your property.

Suburbs are:


If any of your properties are in these locations please CLICK HERE NOW to register.

Object to your land valuation

Time is running out to object to the latest land valuation that determines your land tax amongst other things,

Follow this link below:

Further information can be found using the following link:




REIQ and RP Data Join Forces

Recent announcement that the REIQ has a new strategic alliance partnership with property data powerhouse RP Data.

This partnership will allow the REIQ to reach new heights of data analysis that will ultimately benefit the marketplace. Extending beyond this, plans for new joint research publications as well as educational opportunities between the REIQ and RP Data are in the works.