You know how much your rent is, you can fix your home loan repayments, Why not get a fixed price on property management?

Everyone loves certainty.

We buy property and believe with certainty that it is going to go up in value, we believe with certainty that our property will be attractive to tenants and will be rented at the rate that we want.

Having constants in our life and in our property investment strategy is very important.

At Managed Property, we often get questions from other agents, investors, clients – how come your management fees are fixed?

The simple reason – we know what our costs are, we know how much we need to spend to provide our service, we know the margin we need to make to ensure a sustainable successful business so we can with certainty put a price on our product.

Our product is a fixed service – it should have a fixed price.

If you rent goes up or down, you still expect the same amount of inspections, email and management from your property manager!

Don’t you?

You would not (and should not) put up with a manager saying, ‘due to the fact we get a % of your rent and your rent is going down, I am not going to do your next general inspection’.

Having a fixed cost allows you to plan ahead, work out what your yield is and make decisions about your property investment with facts.

Fixing how much each week you pay your manager to look after your property is a good way to start. 07 3139 1701

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