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If you own a residential property in inner-city Brisbane and are paying more than $22 per week – you should keep reading.

Managed Property will manage your residential property in Brisbane for only $22 per week.

One flat fee regardless of how much rent you are receiving from your property.

Whether it be a $1000 a week house or a $400 a week apartment, Managed Property’s flat fee full service property management will put more or your rent in your pocket each and every week.

Having your property managed properly does not need to be expensive.

Great service does not have to be expensive.  Managed Property provides full service property management at a competitive price.  Managed Property prides itself on providing:

  • An industry leading service
  • A simple cost effective fee structure
  • Transparent, accountable management services
  • Regular communication
  • Expert advice and support

We are committed to providing excellent property management and believe that this can be done at an affordable price.

Our sole focus is to ensure every Managed Property is managed properly.

Try our service today!

We are confident that you will find our service exceptional and enjoy the benefits of paying only $22 per week for the management of your brisbane investment property.

Changing from your current property manager is a very simple and easy task – in fact Managed Property will handle the entire process for you to ensure that the transition is as simple as possible for you.

How will you spend the extra money received from your investment?

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Change to Managed Property today, call, email or text to start saving today.