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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you advertise on and

A: Yes, all of our rental listings are placed as Standard Listings on and and several other sites at no cost for our clients. Enhanced/premium Listings are also available at cost with no markup.

Q: Do you thoroughly screen tenants?

A: Yes, a good quality tenant is a benefit for both our client and our team! We require extensive documentation from applicants to carry out our assessments including reference checks and tenant database searches, prior to submitting the application summary and recommendation to our client for their instruction.

Q: Do you process the rates, water and body corporate payments?

A: Yes we do. You will be required to authorise the creditor/provider to invoice “care of” our office. The invoices/levies will be paid with rent collected, and these expenses and invoices will be detailed in the disbursement statement.

Q: Do you provide financial year statements? If so, how much does it cost?

A: Yes, we will email a financial year statement at the end of each financial year, at no extra cost.

Q: Do you handle maintenance issues?

A: Yes, we have a database of contractors that we have built up over the years. Repairs can be paid with the collected rent also. We do not accept referral fees from any contractors!

Q: How are Management Fees calculated?

A: Our property management fee reflects the time commitment to manage each property and tenancy effectively. Accordingly, we calculate our flat management fees depending on the size and, therefore time commitment for each property, as per the following table:

Our Weekly Management Fee (Including GST)Average Savings (Including GST)*

Q: Are there any hidden charges?

A: In short no. We believe in transparency with no surprises. Here are our fees in addition to our flat management fees:

Item CostCost
Let Fee including standard advertising, inspections, application assessment and tenant reference searches, completion and lodgement of all documentation, entry condition reportOne week’s rent
Tenancy Finalisation Fee (only if property is not re-tenanted) including exit condition report, change of condition during tenancy summary and bond finalisation$220
RTA Mediation fee, if applicable$88
Tribunal hearing fee – $220 for preparation and $88 per hour for travel and attendance + QCAT’s application fee, if applicable$220 & $88/hour +
QCAT application
fee at cost
Attend valuation or depreciation schedule inspection to “supervise” inspector$44
Enhanced advertising – optionalAt 3rd party cost only
“For Lease” signboard at property – optionalAt 3rd party cost only

Time to Change?

Changing managers is easy. Simply ask us for our Residential Management Termination Form and one of the Managed Property Team will send you the Form, for electronic completion. We can then coordinate the whole process for you. Changing managers takes between 0 and 90 days depending on your current contract.

If you don’t currently have a property manager, we can start straight away.